President/Founder, BWP

Kat Pirelli holds a degree in Exotic Animal Behavioral Management and Training and has extensive experience working with both exotic and domestic animals in various countries.

She has a successful track record in her profession of maintaining the well-being and safety of exotic animals in various captive environments, including the set-up of quarantine facilities, conducting nutritional evaluations, and implementing behavioral enrichment programs.

She began her career working as a professional animal trainer in both the film industry and the Los Angeles Zoo, which included the orchestration, set-up and maintenance of animal departments. Her work has extended to other countries such as Malta, Australia, Canada, Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Spain and Borneo. Her expert knowledge of the complex process and logistics required for safe transportation of animals has made her a well sought-after international resource.

She is also certified in a variety of medical disciplines that cover the safety, health, and care of animals, as well as humans. She stays educated and informed by attending annual industry conferences and workshops about sustainability and the environmental impact of agriculture abroad.

Borneo Wildlife Preservation was created by Ms. Pirelli’s passion, drive, and commitment to protecting wildlife and her belief in education and awareness for a creating a sustainable future of our planet. She also is an advocate for plant-based diets and strongly advocates the necessity for change to stop animal cruelty, the needless pain and suffering brought to sentient beings of all species, and the environmental impact brought on by Livestock Production and Factory Farming.

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