During the year we organize and promote several events to fundraise and bring awareness to the plight of the Bornean elephants.


MONTE CARLO Club Vivanova Luxury Lifestyle Charity Gala Dinner

18 November, 2023 . Fairmont Monte Carlo

Enchanted Forest Party -Summer Kick off

21 June, 2023

MONTE CARLO Club Vivanova 8th Edition Luxury Lifestyle Charity Gala Dinner

Saturday 12th November 2022 . Fairmont Monte Carlo



Educational booth and workshop in Sabah with partner Borneo Conservation Trust.



Saturday 13th November 2021 – 7pm
Fairmont Monte Carlo – Salle d’Or Ballroom
featuring High On Heels – the Ultimate in Live Entertainment

Enchanted Summer Forest Party – Monaco, July 2021

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2nd Annual Enchanted Forest Fundraiser Event – Monaco, 2021

1st Annual Enchanted Forest Fundraiser Event – Monaco, 2019

Animal Day – Monaco, 2018

ACPA Conference – Hollywood California, 2018

International Philanthropy Summit – Monaco, 2018

Conservation Conference – Kota Kinabalu Borneo, 2017



  • September 2022

Thank you to our supporters… the surgery conducted by the Thailand Veterinary Team was a success and Adun’s tusk holes have healed completely with no signs of infection.

  • World Elephant Day August 2022

Educational booth and workshop in Sabah with partner Borneo Conservation Trust.

  • Enchanted Summer forest Party june 2022

  •  Team trip to Borneo

April 2022 – Team trip to Borneo to conduct theoretical and practical workshops for the Sabah Wildlife Department, Borneo Conservation Trust and Wildlife Rescue Unit veterinarians and rangers caring for injured, displaced, orphaned injured Bornean elephants at 3 facilities housing Borneo elephants. BES, Sepilok and Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Motivational Training was focused on behavioral enrichment, elephant footcare and general health and safety.

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  • Donation of supplies of training tools and uniforms

April 2022


  • Enchanted Summer forest Party

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  • International Elephant Foundation Web Conference

Link between pesticides in palm oil plantations and elephant poisonings

  • Site inspection to Borneo Elephant Sanctuary (BES) to design new orphaned baby elephant paddocks.

  • First annual fundraiser event Enchanted Forest Party, Monte Carlo Monaco

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  • New Supporting Partnership with GLAM Yachting – Monte Carlo, Monaco

  • New Partnership with Global Environment Media (GEM-tv)

  • Enchanted Forest Charity Lunch – Fairmont Hotel , Monte Carlo, Monaco

Organized by Club Vivanova with guest speaker Christian Moore from GEM-tv


  • 2020 Trip to Borneo was cancelled this year due to Covid-19 travel restrictions

  • Riviera Radio Interview with BWP Team Member Marcel Peters to Promote Sponsorship


  • Introduction Tour of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (leader in elephant rescue) – Nairobi, Africa

BWP went to the facility to learn and discuss strategies for successful orphaned elephant care, behavioral stress, rescue, rehabilitation, enrichment, release and baby food formula recipes for healthy and sick baby elephants.

  • BWP compares elephant tracking collars

  • Collaboration with Asian Elephant Support (AES) – USA

AES generously issued a Grant for our Lok Kawi baby elephant paddock project

  • BWP Team Attends International Elephant Conference (IEF) – South Africa

  • Borneo Elephant Sanctuary (BES) Advises Personnel of Proper Elephant Care and Training – Sabah Borneo

  • Travel with Team Members Marcel Peters and Doug Cowx – Sabah Borneo

New collaboration with Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (LKWP) and design for buildout of better enclosures to release 3 elephants from chains due to lack of structures and allow entire captive group to rotate to outside yard.

  • Interview with Bob Lee, Elephant Expert and Curator at the Oregon Zoo – Portland, Oregon

Bob Lee has cared for Chendra, the only Bornean elephant in North America, since her rescue and relocation to America.  The Oregon Zoo is renowned for having the most updated enrichment and breeding program as well as the largest state of the art elephant enclosure. A full tour was conducted with elephant foot care and behavioral enrichment demonstrations.

  • Interview with Advisory Board Member and HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s Elephant Trainer, Marcel Peters

  • Launched French BWP Charity Association – France

  • First Annual Enchanted Forest Party Charity Event at Stars N Bars – Monte Carlo, Monaco

With partner Seggiano Foods speaking about the need for sustainable palm oil.


  • Completion of short documentary

Completion of Short Documentary “Saving the Borneo Pygmy Elephants”

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  • Monaco Life News interview

With our Founder, Katerina Pirelli Interview →

  • BWP Presentation and Fundraiser with Rachel Bradley – Chamonix, France

  • Launch of private donors expedition

June 2018 – Launch of New expedition. This trip is perfect for interested private parties wanting to know more about Borneo, its wildlife and ways they can contribute to BWP projects & conservation missions. This was created by BORNEO Conservation Trust and BORNEO Wildlife Preservation with the focus around children, education and species extinction, and re-planting degrade areas of the rainforest. Each guest on our tour will aid the survival of the endangered Bornean Ele while having the most memorable experience to last a lifetime.

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  • Presentation for Monaco Philanthropy Summit

Panel Speaker at “International Philanthropy Summit” this event assembled distinguished philanthropists to review the philanthropic action. It recognizes the diversity of talent, ideas and excellence across the world of philanthropy and drives public attention to social responsibility of wealthy individuals and luxury brands. The event was created to give thought-provoking programming and invaluable networking. The primary goal of the event was to share philanthropic experience and shape some sort of global philanthropic agenda.
Our discussion was based on the need for philanthropy in Sabah, Borneo as worldwide with species extinction programs.

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  • Student Sponsorship Program – Sukau, Kinabatangan River

Implemented for students from Kota Kinabalu to visit the rainforest and habitat of the Bornean Elephants

  • Adventure Tour and Luxury Tour of Sabah, Borneo

With student mentor from Paris, France and donors from Los Angeles, California

  • Fundraising Initiatives: Project promotions, GoFundMe, Social media campaigns, Grant writing and Sponsorship seeking

  • BWP Presentation for ACPA Conference – Hollywood California

  • Launch of Borneo Adventure Tour and Borneo Luxury Tour

  • Promotional Video Production with Team Member Rachel Bradley & Twenty Seven Productions


  • New team member : Daniel Bissonnette

New supporter of BWP and youngest member of our team, Daniel Bissonnette – health and environmental advocate, celebrity and book writer.

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  • World Elephant Day

2017 World elephant day video with Celebrity supporters : Slash, Jennifer Nicholson, EVO & RST, Daniel Bissonnette, Lawson and Andy Lewis.

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  • BBQ & Slackline Masterclass Charity Event – Chamonix, France

  • Animal Day – Monte Carlo, Monaco

Educational booth and presentation organized by Stars N Bars

  • Wildlife Conference – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo

With Danau Girang Field Centre and local experts

  • International Student Mentorship Project – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo

Collaboration with local school (SMK Taman Tun Faud) for International student Mentorship Project focused on wildlife education and sustainable ideas for the local rainforests and species preservation

  • Project Site Inspections – Sandakan & Sukau, Sabah Borneo

Site inspections of tree planting project sites, oil palm plantations, the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary (BES) & land survey of purchase sites

  • New Local Partnership MOU Signing – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo

Borneo Conservation Trust and Director of Sabah Wildlife Department Augustine Tuuga




  • On location in Borneo: Sabah, Malaysia and Kalimantan, Indonesia

Start-up of BWP working with various indigenous animals including, Sun Bears, Proboscis monkeys, orangutans and Bornean elephants. This work involved care, feeding and behavioral enrichment to rescued animals in human care, new enclosures, fund raising and involvement with various local projects including student wildlife education, animal surveys and tree planting activities.