Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT), a Sabah State Government mandated Non-Governmental Organization established in 2006, aims to connect fragmented ecosystems of protected areas both for fauna and flora biodiversity conservation in Sabah.

Connecting isolated protected areas is the primary BCT objective but other objectives are:

  • To acquire lands that are important for biodiversity conservation; especially, connecting protected areas and providing migration route for wildlife
  • To bridge all stakeholders from producers and consumers
  • To provide a platform for conservation-oriented people and organizations to work together for biodiversity conservation

Activities Include:

  • Bridging stakeholders: governments, NGOs, corporations, education programs and the public -Acquiring land titles for biodiversity conservation -Rehabilitating acquired forests -Establishing Orangutan & monkey bridges.
  • Habitat utilization study of the Bornean elephant using Satellite Telemetry in order to identify suitable management measures as to reduce human and elephant conflict in Lower Segama Forest (Tabin Wildlife Reserve) and to support the justification to establish key ecological corridors. – Funding needed
  • Elephant rescue
  • Land acquisition
  • Studying and designing the tree planting options in Lower Kinabatangan as to be able to cope with the extreme weather (drought and flood) due to the effect of climate change – Ongoing funding needed through BWP Borneo Wildlife Preservation



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As our environment changes so does the need to become aware of the problems and increasingly more aware of the solutions that exist to develop a sustainable future. GEM adopts a mixed-media video centric approach that provides the support of each piece of content with relevant Data and information from NGOs, Universities and Foundations Globally.

We feel that people are the solution and by coming together and sharing the same understanding of our world’s needs we can tackle issues to make a better and more sustaInable world.


501 (c)(3) Public Charity

Borneo Wildlife Preservation