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    When a person becomes personally connected to the issues facing humanity and our planet, it becomes their reality. And quite often they get involved to become empowered to make a difference. It is important for every person to become personally connected with these issues. We work with volunteer programs to achieve this goal.

    You may participate by donating to fund the enhancement of ongoing conservation projects; or volunteer physically by providing interpretation and husbandry services or working with teams on projects to build infrastructure; rehabilitation and release of animals; habitat restoration; as well as community involvement and education.

    We like to connect everyday people to the life experiences of endangered animals. Volunteers and participants have the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the social and environmental issues of that project and form an appreciation of the realities of conservation and human development. Ultimately, volunteers/participants relate their experiences back to their everyday lives; expand their cultural horizon with greater understanding, and take advantage of further opportunities to make a difference in the world. Take this step. Your actions will improve the quality of life for another living creature. You will experience the world with a bigger heart, a broader mind, and forever have something special to share with family and friends.

    For more information regarding our “Private Donor Expeditions” or what you can do to help, please contact us by filling out the “Get in touch” form.