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Borneo Wildlife hopes you will take the time to get involved, help our cause and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We offer three volunteer tours that take you to the enchanting island of Borneo. While helping to support Borneo Wildlife Preservations conservation mission you will also have a unique experience and be introduced to incredible lush rainforests, unique wild beaches, natural diversity, and an array of wildlife as well as fascinating tribal cultures. Borneo is at the forefront of responsible travel and has worldwide volunteers visiting every year. Each tour is offered at minimal operating costs and all are associated with long term conservation initiatives which ensures that your visit will contribute to improving the environments and the species that resident within them.

Every donation to BWP whether large or small helps us to make a better home and improve the habitats for many endangered animal species in the rainforests of Borneo. Our primary conservation efforts are promoting the survival of Pygmy Elephants, Proboscis Monkeys and Bornean Sun Bears.

Donations are tax-deductible  (within the US)

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We are fundraising to create a 4-acre eco-farm of fruiting trees and grasses, which will provide a sustainable food source for, injured, displaced and orphaned baby elephants in Sabah and at the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary. The goal is to rehabilitate these elephants, physically and emotionally and to provide housing and food until they are of an age old enough to be released into a protected area.

Borneo wildlife Mission Statement

Promoting vital solutions to animal suffering, clear cutting of rain forests, and sustainability of renewable natural resources.

Pygmy Elephant Project


Sun Bear Project


Tree Planting Project


Borneo is the third largest island in the world and is home to many rare species of plants and animals.  The beautiful lush rainforest provides a vibrant habitat to many rare animals and over 15,000 plant species, including the worlds largest flowers.  The beautiful and mysterious Rothchild Orchids and the Raflesia flowers can only be found on the exotic island of Borneo. It is a true botanical paradise.

Today, there is a tragic situation that threatens the extraordinary ecosystems in Borneo. The rampant clear cutting of the rainforest for timber, oil palm plantations and animal agriculture is destroying the natural habitat and leaving these precious animals hungry, vulnerable and without a shelter for retreat. As the disoriented animals are forced to leave the safety of the rainforest, they wander into oil palm plantations seeking food or shelter where they are often snared or poisoned.  This exposure created by the destruction of the rainforest makes these endangered animals an easy target for opportunistic poachers who are anxious to capture them for live sales, or kill them for sport or body parts.  The deaths these animals suffer are of the most extreme pain and can go on for days.  If sold alive they are destined for a life of solitary confinement, cruel and inhumane conditions that will be endured for years.

Time is of the essence.  Help us make a better life for these animals and help us to spread awareness to stop the organizations behind the destruction of the rainforests of Borneo so as to protect the rare and endangered animals from becoming extinct.