Facilitated by Borneo Conservation Trust we have tree-planting activities in various locations adjacent to the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary and another project locations at Pontian Unitef Plantation, located in Sabah. Much of the forest has been destroyed in these areas and it is important to RE-PLANT the degraded land as it is vital for RE-FORESTION of degraded land, is vital for the connectivity of forests which the elephants migrate through and is essential for future generations of wildlife to live and thrive.

The seedlings we will plant are about 2 feet and can take 2-5 years to reach a height of 15 feet. The sooner we plant the trees the sooner the secondary rainforests will appear. We have engaged various communities for our community-based tree planting initiatives which will provide jobs for community members. These jobs will be provided long term as each sapling needs to be managed weekly for approximately 1 year.

100 trees is costing approximately 500 euros or 550 USD.

Borneo Wildlife Preservation