Eco-tourism & Family travel to Borneo
When a person becomes personally connected to the issues facing humanity and our planet, it becomes their reality. And quite often they become empowered to make a difference volunteering. It is important for every person to become personally connected with these issues. We work with volunteer programs to achieve this goal.

You may participate by donating to fund the enhancement of ongoing conservation projects; or volunteer physically by providing interpretation and husbandry services or working with teams on projects to build infrastructure; rehabilitation and release of animals; habitat restoration; as well as community involvement and education.

We like to connect everyday people to the life experiences of endangered animals. Volunteers and participants have the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the social and environmental issues of that project, and form an appreciation of the realities of conservation and human development. Ultimately, volunteers/participants relate their experiences back to their everyday lives; expand their cultural horizon with greater understanding; and take advantage of further opportunities to make a difference in the world. Take this step. Your actions will improve the quality of life for another living creature. You will experience the world with a bigger heart, a broader mind, and forever have something special to share with family and friends.

” For potential donors we can arrange a customized private expedition to our onsite project locations “



We hope you will take the time to get involved, help our cause and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We offer three volunteer tours that take you to the enchanting island of Borneo. While helping to support Borneo Wildlife Preservations conservation mission you will also have a unique experience and be introduced to incredible lush rainforests, unique wild beaches, natural diversity, and an array of wildlife as well as fascinating tribal cultures. Borneo is at the forefront of responsible travel and has worldwide volunteers visiting every year. Each tour is offered at minimal operating costs and all are associated with long term conservation initiatives which ensures that your visit will contribute to improving the environments and the species that resident within them.

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11 Nights from £1,095.00
Explore Borneo’s lush rainforest and cruise up the Kinabatangan River in search of endangered Pygmy Elephants and wild Borneo Orangutans.
• Dates: 21st of every month
• Up to 8 Persons
• All Meals Included
• Minimum Age 18

What to expect: The majority of this trip will be centered on activities in and around the Sukau village and along the Kinabatangan River of Sabah, Borneo. You will have the opportunity to assist staff in wildlife monitoring through river-cruises and rainforest treks where you will see an array of primates and birds.

During your stay you will immerse into the rainforest and work towards reforestation of the environment, which is essential for pygmy elephants and orangutans to migrate and thrive. Volunteers stay in a small village of Sukau for the duration of the project, a rural, indigenous small community. The friendly and hospitable ‘Orang Sungai’ (‘People of the River’), are always happy to share their way of life and welcome guests into their community. In return, you will assist with educating the local school children on the importance of conservation and implementing more sustainable ways of living.



14 – 28 Nights from £1,280.00

If you love Orangutans this tour is for you. Volunteer with Orangutans on this award-winning Orangutan project at Matang Wildlife Centre.

• Dates: 5th and 19th of every month
• Up to 16 Persons
• All Meals Included
Minimum Age 15

What to expect: This volunteer trip is based at Matang Wildlife Centre. Here you can get involved and learn ways of conservation and protection of one of the world’s Great Apes, the Bornean Orangutan.

The Matang Wildlife Centre is a refuge for a number of animals including orangutans, which have been left injured, orphaned or have been rescued.

As a volunteer on this project you will work as part of a team alongside the local facilitators to aid and improve husbandry standards, make enrichment items for the orangutans and assist with construction tasks. This allows the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (who manage the centre which is owned by the Sarawak government) to concentrate on the rehabilitation of the orangutans in Borneo and the centre’s other animals. By taking part in this project you will help improve the lives of the orangutans cared for by the facility, which aims to eventually release them into the wild in a protected environment.



7 – 26 Nights from £795.00

Volunteer at the world-renowned Samboja Lestari rescue centre located in Indonesian, Borneo with 200 orangutans and 50 sun bears.

Dates: please enquire
• Up to 12 Persons
• All Meals Included
Minimum Age 18

What to expect: As a volunteer you will help with enrichment, husbandry, general animal sanctuary upkeep. Samboja Lestari Sanctuary is situated in an area of restored tropical rainforest near the city of Balikipapan. Established by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS), the 2,000 hectare orangutan sanctuary, which also houses Sun Bears, was created with the aim of providing a safe haven for rehabilitated orangutans, whilst at the same time providing jobs for local people. Several Forest Schools (for young orangutans) are built here to provide natural, educational playgrounds for the orangutans in which to learn forest skills before their eventual release into a protected wild habitat. A new Clinic and Quarantine area has also been established as well as many new forest cages for larger orangutans and a Nursery for the babies.

There are six orangutan islands surrounded by a moat which have been man made to accommodate orangutans suffering from chronic hepatitis B or other disabilities which prevent them from ever being released into the wild. There is also an area designated solely to over 40 rescued Sun Bears, the world’s smallest bear. Besides assisting in feeding and daily care you will also enjoy creating enrichment items for the bears.

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