The Borneo Elephant Sanctuary (BES) is located on 61 acres of land, will be the first facility of its kind in Borneo, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and protection of the Bornean Elephant. With agriculture and human land use expanding daily, less than 20% of this natural habitat remains, cutting off vital migration routes for the elephants and other migratory species.

We are expanding the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary which will house orphaned, displaced or injured elephants, providing a safe haven for their rehabilitation. These elephants will be cared for 24 hours a day by an on-site team and it is envisaged that the rear of the facility will remain open to enable elephants to roam freely in the Kinabatangan Nature Reserve, returning for food, water and shelter on their own accord.

The current facility can only house 2 elephants but much more could be housed here with our expansion efforts completed. It is required to re-house 14 elephants at Lok Kawi zoo and 6 orphaned babies at Sepilok Orangutan Facility.

The next phase is to complete the build-out of the main enclosure incorporating elephant enrichment areas, medical and administration facilities and plant a 4-acre eco farm to provide a permanent food source.

Borneo Wildlife Preservation