Sabah state has the most destruction of rainforest of all of Malaysia. The rainforest of the Lower Kinabatangan in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is the only habitat in the world where Pygmy Elephants live. They as well other endangered species particularly Orangutans, are on the frontline of many years of destruction. They are now struggling to survive as their jungle habitats, which they have lived in for hundreds of years are cut down for timber and agriculture, tree planting is necessary.

For the Pygmy Elephant, which requires a lot of food, their dwindling habitat has made it difficult for survival. In an effort to forage for food or to migrate, they wander into Oil Palm Plantations, upsetting workers and they are increasingly going into conflict with villagers. This unfortunately is the cause of Elephant “ Human Conflict, which often times does not of end well for the elephant. If intervention from Wildlife Rescue units occurs they can be relocated before conflict, which often times its too late.


Tree planting to rebuild the Rainforest of Sabah in the area of Sukau, along the Kinabatangan River.  By planting wild fruiting trees with local children as well as volunteers our funds are helping educational outreach programs already in place to reconnect corridors (the forests) and provide food for local wildlife.  This project will promote the survival of the largest animal of the Forest, the Pygmy Elephant

If we can accomplish that, it will inevitably promote the survival of many smaller animals.