Ms. Pirelli holds a degree in Exotic Animal Behavioral Management and Training. She has extensive experience working with animals, both exotic and domestic, in various countries.

She has a successful track record and has proven her professional skills by maintaining the well being of exotic animals, in various captive environments, including: set up of quarantine facilities; conducting nutritional evaluations; and implementing behavioral enrichment programs

She began her career working as a professional animal handler in the film industry and the Los Angeles Zoo. This included the orchestration, set “up and maintenance, of animal departments. Her work has extended to countries such as Malta, Australia, Canada, Africa, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, Saipan and most recently, Borneo. Her knowledge of safe transportation of animals, and the complex process and logistics, qualifies her as an expert.

Additionally, she is certified in a variety of medical disciplines that cover the safety, health, and care of animals, as well as humans. She stays educated and informed by attending annual industry conferences and workshops about sustainability and environmental impacts of agriculture abroad.

Katerina Pirelli

Executive Manager, Founder & Visionary

Patrick Zucchetta holds an engineering degree in electronics. He has 30+ years of extensive experience in company management in high tech activities around professional and cinema image and sound.
Over the last 10 years, Patrick participate successfully to the migration of theaters to digital cinema generation with the successful equipment of more than 20,000 theaters all over Europe.

In addition, Patrick participate to the Board of several companies to bring his experience and expertise in field such as technology, intellectual property and business development.
Patrick is sharing his business life between North America, Latin America and Europe.

On a personal level, Patrick is putting personal emphasis on pursuing a natural plant based organic lifestyle and is a long term animal advocate.

Patrick Zucchetta

Board Member / Executive Director

Jennifer Nicholson

Board Member / Associate Director

Mr. Fisher specializes in Internet, TV Network, and Theatrical advertising, marketing and promotions. He works directly with the partnership manager and operations manager to raise awareness through marketing programs to help accelerate both b2b partnership formation and education. Responsible for video shooting, setting up, organizing, and managing production crews on location as well as manages over advertising and relevant agencies hired on to help with marketing and promotional activities.

Chris Fisher

Board Member/Marketing Manager

Rachel Service-Bradley runs Seven Twenty, an adventure sports production company based in Chamonix, France.  Prior to relocating to France in 2012, Rachel lived in the UK where she studied Biological Science (BSc) specialising in primate anthropology and documentary film making (Dip), she was a volunteer at London Zoo working mainly in the primate enclosure and in 2009 traveled to Uganda to study and habituate golden monkeys.  This is her first feature length wildlife conservation film but with a strong background in commercial video production and a passion for wildlife conservation it is not the last. Rachel Service-Bradley

Team Member / Documentary Producer

Anne Maria Tafoya comes to the Borneo Wildlife Preservation as our Social Media Manager. Anne Maria has a long background in nonprofit causes and her love of animals and the environment.

As former director of Communications and Media of the American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles, various departments through the County of Los Angeles as a Public Information Director and Social Media and Communications roles along with many years as a broadcaster, journalist and social media director, her goal is to draw attention to the plight of animal suffering and the necessity of renewable natural resources.

Anne Maria Tafoya

Team Member / Social Media Manager

With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Lofgren specializes in animal care with focus on Large Mammals (Pachyderms) and education through Public/Animal interactions and demonstrations. Mr. Lofgren started his career in 1989 at the Childrens Zoo at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL. He also helped to open Disneys Animal Kingdom, Florida in 1998. Mr. Lofgren focused on early education of childrens perception of nature and animals.

Dean Lofgren

Large Mammal Care Specialist

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