With your donation you receive this 5 inches high X 5 inches wide pliable metal tree, with colored resin leaves The tree is the remarkable beauty of creation. The strength of its roots are linked to adversity in moments of struggle and change. Trees are the essence of life. With your donation you will help the lives of many indigenous animals of the Bornean Rainforests. Your donation will be represented by the planting of a tree.


We appreciate your help to our causes for the wildlife of Borneo Rainforest’s. The proceeds from your donation will help to sustain a better life for orphaned Pygmy Elephants and to help create a better life for rescued distressed and displaced Sun Bears of Borneo! Our calendar is for children of all ages and contains beautiful photography of Borneo wildlife, informative facts, with images of avatars and fairies.

Daniels breakfast burst

Daniel’s Breakfast Burst…A note to Kids… Have you ever wondered what a Super version of you would be like? What would you look like and how would you feel in your body? Well… This might just be your lucky day… You see…Daniel’s Breakfast Burst is one of the best magic spell books of all times… It is not your average, ordinary recipe book as it appears to most people…the truth is it’s more than meets the eye.