We focus on Land Purchases located in critical elephant migration routes. Migration routes are now interlaced with villages and oil palm plantations, making safe passage to food and water impossible.

Populations are completely cut off from each other, reducing the possibility of maintaining genetic diversity. We seek private land sales of land aligning with the elephants migration routes. This is important to continue to purchase these lands because if the land is not purchased by an NGO with a goal to maintain it as a forest or convert it back to forest, it will likely be purchased by another oil palm estate.

  1. We aim to raise to donations to purchase 4-acres of land that is located near the Kinabatangan River in a critical migration route. This land also has a structure built on it, which will serve as a staff office. This will reduce human elephant conflict in this area where there is a village. Interested parties able to travel can take a tour and site inspection of the property and/or photos and plot maps can be provided upon request.
  2. To be announced


The project intends to minimize the risks of impending large-scale biodiversity loss in Borneo and to establish a prove of principle on best methods how to restore forest on oil palm plantations. An evidence-based model will be established in Sabah for demonstration and upscaling. Local communities will be involved to improve the livelihood of the local people and to mitigate human- wildlife conflicts.

Purchase and reforestation of a current oil palm plantation to reestablish habitat connectivity between two isolated key areas for the survival of endangered Bornean wildlife in cooperation with local communities.

The concept can be used for upscaling and mainstreaming all over South East Asia and beyond in order to contribute to biodiversity conservation, climate protection, poverty reduction and soil rehabilitation.